It has been super busy around here lately, and I have not had a lot of chances to get crafty.  But finally, a completed project thanks to my husband and daughter.  What do you think of our Family Love sign?  When we first created it, it did not have the pictures, that was my daughter's idea, and I love it!

If you are interested in making one yourself, here is what we did:

We used 1x6's and 1x4's cut down to 40".  Of course you could make this any size you want.  By alternating the size of the boards, it gives it more character.  

We then ran 1x3's along the back and nailed them in.  That is all it takes to hold this together.  Remember, you will need a heavy duty hanger for the wall since it is not light weight :)

I then stained it a color I already had in my garage.  I used two coats of stain.

For the word "Love" I printed out the letters in Word on a 200 font and then cut them out and used them as stencils.  My husband traced them and painted them in.  That took 3 coats of white paint.    You could even use your family's name!

We sprayed ours with high gloss polyurethane, but you could go for a satin or semi-gloss.  

We then chose some of our favorite photos and printed them out black and white with a white border.  We used mini clothes pins and attached them to twine which I just taped to the back of the board.  

Total Cost for me was $35 (but I did have some of the supplies on hand)