disney movie rewards1 300x300 5 Point Disney Movie Rewards Code
I usually just post these codes on our Facebook page HERE, but I thought I would create a post this time to talk a little more about this program.  We do not buy DVD or Blu Rays very often in our home, so I hardly ever come across any of these codes.  So when I first heard about this program I thought that it was not for me.  But boy am I glad I did.  Each month they release a 5 point code, they also have games from time to time where you can find codes and the best, if you go and see a Disney movie in the theater you can send them a picture of your ticket stubs for points!  So, please do not think like I did at the beginning.  There really are lots of ways to rack up those points.  Here is the 5 point code I mentioned:  JFYE759YKGH.  They also have a referral program.  So, if you do not already have an account, I would love the opportunity to refer you.  Just e-mail me your name and e-mail address Here and I will send out a referral right away.