Update:  All done for today.  I did not get everything on my list complete, but I think I did pretty good.  Still need to clean the shower, clean the baseboards and clean two bathroom sinks.  Tomorrow is another day.  If you have any cleaning tips, I would love to hear them.  You can click on the title of this post and leave a comment.

So, last night I posted that I would not be on the computer much today because I was going to be deep cleaning my home.  I even posted a short article on tips for deep cleaning your home.  I read through them, not much new, but I liked the reminder of working from the tops of the rooms to the floors.  So I got started first thing this morning and dusted my ceiling fan.  Here is what it looks like now...

Yes, there used to be a lovely glass cover over those light bulbs, but apparently it was not attached all the way, so it came crashing down taking a nice chunk of wood out of my table and even a piece of tile out of the floor.  I vacuumed up all the glass, yes it was all over the place, and started to think maybe it was a sign I was not suppose to clean today.  I let that thought stir for a few minutes in my now frazzled brain, but decided to press forward.

3 hours into this process I do not feel very productive.  I only have one room done, and not even the floors in that room.  Here is what I have accomplished:

Washed curtains
Cleaned ceiling fan (don't laugh)
Cleaned blinds
Removed couch cushions and vacuumed - I have never seen so many juice box straw wrappers in my life)

Now it is time to tackle the kitchen.  Here are my goals:

Bleach the grout on the counters
Clean kitchen sink
Clean kitchen table and chairs
Mop Floor
Clean Fridge
(Already washed the curtains)

Wish me better luck!