The Shelter of God's Promises  -     
        By: Sheila Walsh

I had the privilege to receive a book in the mail from  Having been to Women of Faith events in the past and enjoying Sheila Walsh immensely, I was thrilled to able to read a book she had written. I loved how effortlessly she flowed from scripture to stories of her life and the lives of others. It was a way to see God's words in action in their lives. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has been praying about something for awhile and feels like God is not listening. It will put you back on the path of believing in God's promises. I loved this quote.... "Do you still love Me? Will you tuck your life into the cleft of the rock and let Me be" your shelter there> The wind will still howl and the night will still be dark, but I will never, ever leave you. that is My promise to you, and until you make it all the way home, I will be your home. I will be your Shelter."

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