Have you taken the time to check out our Birthday Freebies page?  If not, this will definitely motivate you!  My friend Amy's birthday is in August and she took the time to sign up with many of the companies listed HERE for birthday freebies.  She was kind enough to keep track of all the offers she received.  She was not able to get it all, but the items highlighted in gray she did receive and the ones in yellows she might still get.  ""Please note that some of the items listed below are local freebies in her area and are not found on our page**

Birthday Stuff


free small philosophy shower gel

 Universal Automotive

free oil change


3 free bags

 Anne Taylor

 $     15.00

 Victoria's Secret

 $     10.00


 $     10.00

 Cost Plus

 $     10.00


 $10 off $30 coupon

 Best Buy

 $       5.00


 15% off during Aug

 Bali Playtex Outlet

 20% off during Aug


$30 meal

 Villa Corona - Vacaville

 free burrito


free entrée

 Chevy's (1)

free entrée

 El Torito's

free entrée







 Macaroni Grill


Marie Callendars

$5 off entree & pie


b1g1 entrée


Free rooty tooty


Free grand slam

 McDs San Diego

free coffee and breakfast sandwich

 Pat & Oscars

Bread sticks?

 Disney rewards

100 pts

KDB Long Beach

$5 game play


$50 off vacation package


$15 if you have a silver/gold JCP cc