I just had the fun opportunity to review a great book and I am happy to say that one lucky reader will receive one too!  Read on to see how to enter...

I remember growing up in the 70's and 80's and it seemed like the only time a picture of one of my pets was taken was if they happened to be in the background.  Now days people pay a lot of money on toys, clothing and even pictures of their favorite pet.  Beautiful Beasties A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography is a great guide on how to take pictures of your pet creatively.  I so enjoyed not only all of the adorable pictures that the author/photographer shared, but I also learned more about the history of pet photography.  The book even has a picture of the first photograph of a dog ever taken.  

The book was a little technical for me, but it has a lot of great tips.  I remember one Christmas trying to dress up our two dogs for a picture to include in our Christmas cards.  Well, it did not go too well.  If I had this book them I probably could have gotten a much better one!  

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