I had the pleasure of listening to a brand new album (Time Travel) by a new artist to me (Alessi's Ark).  The minute I put the CD in I was transported to a coffee house in the 60's.  Alessi's voice is like no other I have ever heard.  It is so sweet and yet melancholy.  I later found out she is only 20 years old, so my sweet impression made sense.  I would say the album is eclectic, having songs that range from instrumental (The Fever) to a remake of a 1964 song (Maybe I Know). Each song has its own personality making the album interesting to listen to.   You can listen to Maybe I Know Here or watch the video Here.  

If you like to discover new music artists I would definitely recommend Alessi's Ark.  It will be interesting to see how "big" she becomes.  

To learn more about her you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.  

Tomorrow we will be giving away a copy of the album so be on the lookout for it and good luck!