When I was first asked to review Young Love by Mat Kearney I went right to my 15 year old daughter and asked her if this was the album she had mentioned about two weeks prior.  We were in the car and listening to the radio.  A song came on and she told me how much she liked the singer and wanted his album.  Two weeks later here I was being asked to review it. 

My daughter grabbed it first and said she really liked all the songs.  I have been sitting here today listening to it and some of the songs stand out more than others.  I guess us 40 somethingers (I know, not a real word) are a little harder to please.  My favorite song on the album was Chasing the Light.  It speaks about praying for a friend who is having troubles.  I had read that he is a singer singing Pop songs which is lyrically focused on Christian faith, but it was hard to find much in most of the songs. 

The album just came out last week and already is making a big splash.  Click Here to watch the video for his single Hey Mama.

I was supplied with a copy of Young Love by the One2One Network in order to review the album.  All opinions are strictly mine.