Can you believe 2010 is just about gone?  Wow, what a year!!  I hope that all of you were able to fill your mailbox with goodies and your wallets with "fun money".  I hope that 2011 will bring us even better deals and more opportunities.  As I sit reflecting on the year's freebies and hot deals I thought I would share some that stand out in my mind.  If you have some, just click on the title of this post and comment away.

House Party - I was able to host a Febreze House Party and received so many awesome air fresheners.  If you have not applied for a House Party yet, please do!  I post new opportunities all the time.

Friskies - After signing up for the Friskies e-mails and actually reading them :) a second wonderful opportunity came about for one of our kitties to wear a video camera for a week to record moments as she sees them.  This lead to going to L.A. for the premiere of the movie and receiving lots of free cat food.  Her footage did not make it into the movie but it was an experience!

Expo TV - Since I have a great little Flip camera it is easy for me to make 1 minute videos.  That is exactly what Expo TV is looking for.  They ask you to submit 1 minute reviews on products.  Well, I had done enough that I was able to cash out my points and get 4 Christmas presents with them!  If you have not signed up with them yet, click Here

Microsoft Office 2010 Real Life Stories - Our family was selected to test out Office 2010 and are still doing so.  We received a FREE loaner laptop and a copy of Office 2010.  I am learning so much!  It will be a sad day when the laptop had to be returned :(

Amazon Mom - I did several posts about this great new program.  The best part is the free shipping!  I was able to get all my presents shipped free this year.  If you have not signed up yet, click Here

So, those of are some of the highlights that stand out to me when it comes to great deals and freebies. I would love to hear yours!